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Photography for the Masses

Photography for the Masses, all talent welcome!
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All Members , Moderated
I started this community to allow every day budding-beginning photographers to have a place to share their snapshots. Constructive criticism and suggestions welcome! This is a place to test out shots and get opinions.

I will be stern, because I believe proper management will lead to a happy community.

1. All photos behind an lj-cut. PERIOD.
2. Please, limit your posts to one-per-day, but I don't care how many photos are included in that post.
3. You may promote communities, if you are sharing a picture. (Picture must be behind cut, as well as the promo).
4. I will automatically delete anything not behind a cut. The end. No warnings. I will only ban you if it happens more than once.
6. If there is questionable material behind the cut (not work safe) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE label your post as "Not Safe For Work" or any other appropraite abbreviations.
5. Please be creative and experimental. Be unashamed and bold. Do what you are inclined to do, and have fun.
7. Join and shamelessly promote!