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To get our creative batteries loaded, I'm going to suggest a theme for this week (that may or may not be followed). On account of the nasty weather in my end of the world (Pennsylvania) and the muck in other parts, the theme is: "All Bundled Up"

Wrap your dog, your hampster, your robot, or yourself and show the community how chilly it is or isn't in your neck of the woods.

Welcome from Mod!

Hello all. Because this community is still squeaky new, I figured I'd lift the ban on "one post per week" until we got new members, so POST AWAY. I am thinking of doing some weekly themes (but you would not be required to adhere to them). They would just be a fun exercise for those who wished to participate.

If anyone knows any that sound like a good time, let me know. Also, post a "self portrait" when you get the chance, so we know who the photographers in this community are!

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